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Where is my home?

One day I had a call with my mom, and she asked me what I am doing as always. I was on the way at home, so I told her I am going home right now. And this answer started a long and exhausting conversation. As I continued in my way at home, I started to ask myself “Where is my home?”. It wasn’t easy, but I think I found the right answer.

I grew up in an ordinary house with my parents. Well, I spent there just 15 years with my parents. When I was 15 years old or something like that, my parents got divorced, and I moved with my mother to my grandma’s house. Everything was complicated. One week, I was living with my dad and another week I was living with my mom. Every time I told her that I am going home to take some things she had the face “I am here, this your home now.” and my grandma was the same. It was difficult. My parents hated each other, and I was in the middle of everything. How could I call this my home?

After two years, my mom introduced me to her boyfriend. Later on, we started to live with him. So I had to move again. To be honest, I preferred to live with my grandma than with him. My grandma always had a fridge full of food. I am just kidding now. It was nice. I didn’t mind living there.

We lived there for one year when my mom told me that they are building a new house few kilometres from the city. I was nicely surprised cause I always preferred a small village before a big city. I think it took two years to build the house, not sure now. Anyway, after two years we moved there. I had my room so I could do everything I wanted. But what’s important that I knew I would not have to move anywhere else for a long time and I could call this my second home.

So I had two places which I called my home. The place where my dad is living and the place where my mom is living. But which one is the right one, both of them?

During my studies, I decided to go on Erasmus, and I am so happy for this decision. I had an opportunity to share a house with two Portuguese girls. It was unbelievable. Only because of them I felt there like at home. I will always love these girls. To be honest, it was one of the best parts of my life.

Maybe you already know what I want to say and you know my answer.

After my Erasmus, I started to live with my parents again. One week there and second there. I also joined ESN and helped international students with their Erasmus in the Czech Republic.

But in the Summer Semester, something special happened. I was a buddy of one Croatian girl. When she came to the city, I had to pick her up and show her a way to dormitories. At this moment, none of us knew what was going to happen. I picked her up, took her at dormitories and showed her her room. When we opened a door, we have met our last roommate for the next four and half months. The Turkish girl. Maybe you are asking why I wrote “our last roommate”. To be honest, I don’t know what happened and how it started, but after two weeks I started to sleep in their room almost every day. I slept more in their room than at home. And I felt much better there than at my home. Why? Maybe it was because of the peace and love.

A few days after their departure I moved to Malta. The first month here, I lived in a big house with so many people. It was terrible. I would never call this my home. Nobody cared about the others. Now I am living with three Italian girls, and it’s much much much better.

So which place should I call my home? The answer is “All of them!”. I think it doesn’t matter where the place is but who is living there. If there are people who will always welcome you with open hands, you can always feel there like at home.

Home is where your heart is, and my heart belongs to them who love me! With them, I will always feel like at home.