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Valencia – friendship never ends!

It has been few days since I came back from Valencia but this city is still stuck in my head. I can not stop thinking about this city. I am not sure why. Valencia is a beautiful city but I think it’s because of my friends. That because of them I really enjoyed this trip.

It all started when I saw them sitting and waiting right next to speed gate at the metro station. At this moment, I knew it’s going to be something I won’t forget.

A little party killed nobody!

I arrived in Valencia in the evening so we didn’t have any other choice than to start this trip with a little party as we always did. Few drinking games in our apartment and then we headed to the most expensive club in Valencia, club called Indiana. Club where we had to pay literally for everything! Even when we went out to take a fresh air we had to pay 3€. Otherwise, they wouldn’t let us go inside again. At least we didn’t have to pay for toilets.

But over all of this, it was a good night. Everyone was dancing, almost everyone was drunk, one of us was missing almost all night, another one was fighting with one guy and DJ sucked. But the rest was perfect and we enjoyed every single moment. After few hours, we finally found our loner. Unfortunately for him, we were almost on the way home. We spent few more minutes in the club and headed home.

The next day was coming and I didn’t want to spend all day in a bed with a hangover.

It’s a lime, not a lemon!


The next day we woke up around midday. It was too late for breakfast and because I wanted to try Spanish food we decided to take some lunch somewhere. I was so excited to try Spanish Paella. But do you have an idea how difficult is to find a typical Spanish restaurant for lunch? It’s almost impossible. It was always Italian restaurant or Kebab house. And when we found a nice restaurant, the restaurant was full or fully booked.

A few hours later, we were so tired of walking and searching for a restaurant so we took a place in a Mexican restaurant at Plaça de la Reina. Mexican is almost the same as Spanish, just a little bit spicier. We ordered some nachos and burgers. Such a typical Spanish food. During our lunch, we got a very interesting life lesson about what is the difference between lime and lemon. Thank you very much, my friend. I can not imagine life without you.

Never ending park!


There is nothing better than a nice walk right after good lunch! Antiguo Cauce del Rio Turia seemed like a good choice. And it was. We walked through the park which was built in an old river bed and stretch for almost 9km through Valencia. It is a really astonishing park with something else to see at each part of the walk from one end to the other. I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t enjoy this. This park is truly like a view into the daily life of Valencia. It’s a wonderful walk ending in the City of Arts and Sciences. It’s a fabulous juxtaposition of nature and modern architecture. It really left me with a feeling of what Valencia is all about.

I have to say this is the most beautiful park I have ever seen in my life. It was such pleasure for my eyes. But maybe it’s because I am living in Malta where the green colour reminds you a colour of dry bush in the middle of Sahara.

After sunset always follow dawn!


Another unforgettable moment for me was a sunset at Playa de la Malvarrosa. A Huge beach which offers the possibility for a nice walk and the sunset makes this beach even more beautiful. We were just walking, taking some crazy photos and watching a sand artist who made an amazing castle with a dragon! It was almost like Game of Thrones! I gave him few euro because I had to take some photos of this art. I wish to come in a summer because it can be nice just lay down under sun on this beach. And because even sunset doesn’t last forever we headed home.

We have watched some movies and went to sleep for the last time. The next morning, my trip came to the end and it was time to say goodbye. A thing I hate most in this world. I said goodbye to my friend and walked with my old roommate at the train station. We didn’t talk much. I think we both realised what’s coming. A few minutes later it really came and once again I had to say goodbye to one of the best people I know. When I passed through the speed gate it reminded me the first day how they were waiting for me and few tears appeared in my eyes.

But after sunset always follow dawn and I know I will see them again soon.

Other great moments happened on this trip but if I would tell you everything you would read this post forever.