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Where is my home?

Today I had a call with my mum, and she asked me what I am doing. I told her I am going home right now from shopping and she immediately said: “Don’t call it home, your home is here!”. I just said “Yes, yes” as always. But as I continued in my way at home I started to ask myself “Where is my home? What is my home?”.

I grew up in an average house with my parents. Well, I spent 15 years there with both my parents. When I was 15 years old or something like that, my parents got a divorce, and we moved with my mother to my grandma’s house. Everything was complicated. One week, I was living with my dad and the second week I was living with my mum. Every time I told her I am going home to take some things she had the face “I am here, this your home now.” and my grandma was the same. It was hard. They hated each other, and I was in the middle of everything. How can I call this my home?

After two years, my mum introduced me her new boyfriend, and we started to live with him. So I had to move again. To be honest, I liked more living with my grandma than with him. My grandma had always fridge full of food. I am just kidding now. It was in nice a location near to my school, so I didn’t mind living there.

We lived there for one year when my mum told me we would build a new house few kilometres from the city. I was nicely surprised cause I always preferred a small village before a big city. I think it took two years to build the house, not sure now. Anyway, after two years we moved there, I had my room so I could do everything I wanted. But what’s important that I knew I would not have to move anywhere for a long time and I could call this my second home.

So I had two places which I could call my home. The place where my dad is living and a place where my mum is living. But which one is the right one? Both of them?

Then I went on Erasmus, and I am so happy I could share a house with two Portuguese girls. Only because of them I felt there like at home. I will always love these girls. Every day with them was fantastic, and I will never forget our home.

Maybe you already know what’s my point and you know my answer.

After Erasmus, I started to live with my parents again. One week there and second there. I joined ESN and helped international students with their Erasmus in Czech. But in the Summer Semester, something happened. I was a buddy of the Croatian girl and when she came to the city I had to pick her up and show her a way to dormitories. At this moment, none of us knew what’s going to happen. I picked her up, took her at dormitories and showed her her room. When we opened a door, we have met our last roommate for the next four and half months. The Turkish girl. Maybe you are asking why I wrote “our last roommate”. To be honest, I don’t know what happened and how it started, but after two/three weeks I began to sleep in their (our) room almost every day. I slept there more than at my home, and I felt there much better than at my home.

A few days after their departure I moved to Malta. The first month here, I was living in a big house with many people. It was terrible. Nobody cared about the other people. Now I am living with two Italian girls, and I am calling this place home.

So which place should I call my home? The answer is “All of them!”. I think it doesn’t matter where the place is but who is living there. If there are people who will always welcome you with open hands, you can always feel there like at home.

Home is where your heart is, and my heart belongs to them who love me! With them, I will always feel like at home.


Who I am?

Because after sunset always follow dawn!

Don’t ask me what this expression mean. If you want to understand a meaning of this you have to read this blog and one day, you will understand.

My first idea was to create a travel blog like other people do and share my stories of how I travelled there and there. But then I realised that’s not what I want. I would like to show you more than just a place and what I did there. I would like to show you why I travelled there. Why I did what I did there. I would like to show you

Story of my life!

But you have still no idea who I am. Okey then.

I was born in 1993 in a small country called the Czech Republic “the heart of Europe”. I was an average boy until my 19. Up to the point when I turned 15 my life was like the all other kids… football, scuffed knees and bruised my ass how I got beating every time I didn’t listen to my father. Between 15 and 19 I was the IT boy who had only “0” and “1” in his head. Yeah, pretty normal childhood. But when I turned 19 I became crazy, and I stayed crazy up to this day. Crazy in a good way of course.

One of my friends told me that definition of me is

The boy with a dirty mind but with a good heart!

I went on my first big trip to Ireland. It was with one of the companies you pay, and they will plan everything for you. You must just walk and enjoy the destination. After this trip, I realised what’s my dream. I don’t want a Mac, an expensive car nor huge house. I just want to travel and see all the beauty in the world! That’s all I want, and I will always do everything for that. Yes, I was studying at a university so I didn’t have time for travelling, but I was always looking for some opportunity how I can go abroad.

And then, after two years I decided to go on ERASMUS (an exchange programme). The biggest and the best decision in my life! ERASMUS changed my life! ERASMUS made me even crazier! It was the best part of my life, and I will tell you everything about my ERASMUS in Belgium one day.

When I came back, I didn’t know what to do. I was bored in this circle home-school-work-home-school-work. These days were the worst days in my life. I was still thinking about my ERASMUS and wanted to go back, but then I found an organisation called ESN (Erasmus Student Network). Thanks to ESN I have friends across the Europe and also beyond the Europe. It was a fantastic year. But then when everyone left I was alone again. Yes, I have Czech friends, and I would give my balls for them. I love them. But it wasn’t the same.

So I decided for the craziest thing in my life. Because of this and some personal problems, I dropped my school and I moved to Malta. Many people are asking if I regret this decision that I lost years for nothing. No, I don’t regret it! Even if I could go back and change something I wouldn’t make anything different! I have met so many people who are more important to me than some university degree.

And here I am. I am doing what I want, travelling where I want, sitting on the sofa and writing the story of my life.

But what’s more important

I am living my dream!