• Rida 2 weeks ago

    Very nice site and love the pictures you have included!

  • Agness of a Tuk Tuk 2 weeks ago

    This is definitely true. You can call every place where you feel safe and loved a home, Tomáš! Are you still living in Malta?

    • admin 2 weeks ago

      Hello, Yes I am still living in Malta. Are you coming? 😊

  • Susie @ Mile High Dreamers 2 weeks ago

    Holy cow, you’ve moved around a lot! I definitely know the feeling on not being quite sure where your home is. I think home is where we make it. It may not be traditional by someone else’s definition, but if it makes you feel fuller in some way, it’s your home. Home IS where your heart belongs!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

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